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Mobile Homes

Mobile home insurance, or manufactured home insurance, covers the home, your personal belongings and certain injuries that might occur on your property. The property insurance can include detached structures such as a garage or shed.

Accidents happen so you will want to protect yourself and your visitors against liability claims, lawsuits filed by others. This coverage is also defined by your specific policy.

In addition, coverage generally includes living expenses if your home is severely damaged by a loss covered by the policy. This can be extremely important to providing for you and your family while restoring your life to normal.

Specific coverage may vary by insurance company program but generally include damage from storms, fire, smoke, explosion, vandalism, and theft. The coverage and amount are defined by your personal policy. Please note that some perils can be excluded in your policy or have special deductibles so you will want to discuss this with your trusted agent.

While insurance company programs differ, generally they are focused on factory built homes thus the name manufactured homes. These can be single-wide, double-wide, triple-wide or even two-story modular homes.

There are also special provisions if your mobile home is not your primary home but is a seasonal or rental mobile home. You will want to be sure to tell your trusted agent this information for the right protection.

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